SMGL (Pakistan Rice brand) follows a comprehensive grading process at various stages to ensure the removal of malnourished, shriveled, and broken grains, while retaining healthy, pure, and full grains. This meticulous approach involves assessing the thickness and length of the rice grains to achieve consistent and optimal grain length throughout the batches.

To facilitate this precise grading process, SMGL has incorporated advanced technology, specifically Plan-sifter and Indented Cylinders, acquired from China. These state-of-the-art machines play a crucial role at three distinct stages of the grading process. By leveraging the capabilities of these cutting-edge technologies, SMGL can achieve the desired grain length uniformly across its rice products.

The implementation of Plan-sifter and Indented Cylinders reflects SMGL’s commitment to utilizing advanced machinery and equipment within its production infrastructure. These technological advancements enable SMGL to uphold stringent quality standards and deliver rice products with consistent grain length, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By employing advanced technology throughout the grading process, SMGL successfully separates the undesirable grains from the healthy, pure, and full grains, guaranteeing a superior end-product that meets the expectations of its valued customers.

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