Paddy Selection

paddy selection

Devoting considerable time, expertise, and effort to the process of paddy selection is crucial for SMGL (Shah Mohammad Ghaznavi Ltd) to ensure the production of high-quality final products. The quality of the end result heavily relies on the quality of the procured paddy. While some rice mills opt for purchasing semi-processed rice from brokers instead of directly procuring paddy from farmers, this entails a compromise in the overall quality.

However, SMGL adopts a different approach. At the beginning of the rice season, paddy is meticulously sourced by SMGL, thereby mitigating the risk of blending inferior rice varieties. This is due to the fact that paddy from different rice varieties ripens at different times, making it impossible to mix them. In contrast, the semi-processed rice available through brokers for the remainder of the year is susceptible to inadvertent mixing, posing challenges when it comes to detection.

In essence, SMGL’s emphasis on procuring paddy directly at the start of the rice season safeguards against the potential blending of inferior varieties, resulting in a final product of superior quality.

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