Basmati rice attains enhanced cooking characteristics and a more robust aroma when it undergoes maturation for a period of nine months to a year. Ensuring proper maturation is crucial, which is why SMGL (Shah Mohammad Ghaznawi Ltd) strictly adheres to a policy of building up rice stocks at the time of harvest and subsequently continuing the maturation process under expert supervision. Instead of relying on market purchases on an order-to-order basis, SMGL takes proactive measures to control the maturation process in-house.

To accommodate the rice stocks, SMGL maintains spacious and well-ventilated godowns in Okara and bhahwal Nagar.. These dedicated storage facilities are designed to maintain hygienic conditions for rice storage. Throughout the maturation period, the rice stocks undergo regular inspections and periodic fumigation under the close supervision of experts. This meticulous approach is necessary to safeguard against infestation by organisms and to uphold stringent quality standards.

By meticulously managing the maturation process, SMGL ensures that its basmati rice achieves optimal flavor profiles, excellent cooking characteristics, and an enticing aroma. These professional practices underscore SMGL’s commitment to delivering premium rice products to its valued customers.

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